- More than 9 hour of shared experience, care and especially playful erotica!
 - You can renew your relationship it gets new elan!
Love Zseton
What‘s this? 

A bag of experiences.
Wouldn’t it be nice sometimes if you wouldn’t have to put what you think into words and yet see it come true? These chips speak for you.
love zseton
Perhaps this is the most personal gift that you can give someone, who already has everything.
The sachet contains chips, which are bonds for an amazing experience, such as a breakfast in bed, a massage, getting bathed, getting cuddled or an intimate togetherness. 
The person you give the Love–n–Joy Chips can redeem these "services" from you. To redeem any one of these, there is no need to utter a word – simply hand over the chosen chip, accompanying it with a mysterious smile.

The chip itself is not the gift. It is just a medium for the 9 special occasions. You give the gift, you take it through, you put yourself into it, but it’s not about you, it’s about the other person. Your gift entails about 8-9 hours of shared experience, care and especially playful erotica.

You are the Best Gi
Ajánljuk ha...
...ha fel akarod dobni a kapcsolatodat.
...ha valami eredeti ötletes ajándékot keresel a párodnak.
...ha unod már a plüssmackót, és inkább törődést, kedvességeket és erotikát ajándékoznál.
...ha egy kis játszadozásra vágysz a szerelmeddel.
...ha egyszerűen csak tetszik Neked ez.
love zseton
Ime a zsetonok:
Love me! chip: This is about caressing someone from head to toe. Focus completely on your partner. Take your time with this little journey of discovery. Touch each body part with such love and admiration, as if it were your favorite. When would you redeem this chip? When you desire sensuality or after a tiring day, when yearning for a little affection? 

Cook for me! chip: Dear gift-giver! Your task at the moment is to pull your finest gastronomic knowledge from your vast repertoire and prepare a culinary specialty that even Jamie Oliver would envy. The romantic dinner cannot lack being accompanied by a good bottle of wine, candlelight, and lively music. 


Kiss me! chip: The feeling is at least as good as or even better than the first kiss. A lame, normal kiss is invalid. Remember the long kisses full of excitement and discovery after a date? How about a second first date? 

Breakfast in bed, please! chip: A perfect way to start a day! How about waking to the wonderful aroma of steaming coffee and fresh toast? What if your partner serves you breakfast with the joy of caring? Freshly squeezed orange juice, croissants with jam, maybe fried eggs? What is your desire? And don’t forget: dessert is up to you... 


Massage me! chip: An awesome massage from head to toe, full of creativity. Not a single body part is to be left out. Let this be the rediscovery of the body. Be fully conscious of and attentive to every subtle touch, whether you give or receive. We recommend those aromatic massage oils, candles and relaxing music that have withstood the test of time. Go for an hour of pampering. If you wish to have a massage, just pick the chip out of the satchel... 


Hug me! chip: Redeemable if you desire more hugging. Have you ever imagined living on a deserted island for 3 year and after such a long period of loneliness, you notice your love, who all along yearned for your closeness, climbing out of a lifeboat? ... How would you hug? Would you squeeze the life out of your love?



Bath me! chip: Did you know that in complete darkness your sensing becomes extremely sharp? Have you tried feeling each other in total darkness in a foamy bath or shower? Gurgling water, steam, soapy bodies... 


Come get me! chip: As the name suggests, this is about an overwhelming sexual experience. Emphasis is on “right here, right now!". The place, timing and situation depend on your fantasy and your daring. No words needed, simply flash the chip with a mischievous glance... 

love zseton
Bonus chip:

  • Cook for me! chip
  • Love me! chip
  • Come get me! chip
  • Massage me! chip
  • Bath me! chip
  • Kiss me! chip
  • Breakfast in bed, please! chip
  • Hug me! chip
  • Bonus chip 

Miután a zsetonok be lettek váltva, természetesen visszafelé is felhasználhatóak!
Love–n–Joy Chips


2013. augusztus 1 -éjtől a személyes átvételi lehetőség a VI. Podmaniczky u. 43. szám alá költözik!
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